Cozy Cruiser is an RV manufacturer specializing in fun and comfort for the adventurous and outdoor-loving person. Our camping “teardrop” trailers are the perfect solution for the weekend mountaineer, camper, hiker, hunter, or fisherman. Our philosophy is very basic – to help people rediscover the pure pleasure of the outdoor experience. Our products are engineered to deliver simple comforts without all the burden of a “supersized” RV or trailer. It’s a big country out there - Happy Cruising!


The New Old Fashioned Way To Camp

Now you can “Get Up & Go” with Cozy Cruiser’s “Pull along” Camping Trailer, the ultimate in convenience.  There is nothing to pull out and pop-up or stake into the ground.  Complete with a Queen Size Bed, all you need to do is pack your eats & drinks and you’re ready for the road.

With an all-weather aluminum covered body, you will stay warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer.  Security isn’t a problem with a solid RV quality door, complete with lock and dead-bolt system.  You and your belongings will be safe from any intruders.

Convenient kitchen and storage area in the back.  There’s always a sheltered out of the way place to store your food and cook your meals.  And when you’re ready to pack it all up, just close the door.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


"Best of Breed," Cozy Cruiser Teardrop Trailers

Manufactured to the highest standards by experienced craftsmen, with the help of computer controlled machines making precision cut components, your new lightweight trailer is so well built it may well out last you!

The Teardrop Trailers are the most compact of all the non-collapsible camping trailers. With their aerodynamic design, these lightweight travel trailers are easy to tow and easy on your engine. That translates into better gas mileage, and lower costs to you!

All Your Camping Gear Organized And Ready When You Are!

Store all your camping equipment from sleeping bags to camp stove in your teardrop trailer and camp kitchen, and you'll be ready to leave civilization behind at a moments notice. With easy access to your kitchen--and real refrigerator--in the rear of the trailer, you can pick up food and supplies on your way out of town, and put them away while you're still in the parking lot!

Have the best of both worlds on your next vacation.

The Cozy Cruiser teardrop trailer is small and lightweight, and can travel practically anywhere your car can go, letting you bring your
queen size bed and portable kitchen with you to places where
large trailers and RV's just wouldn't fit.

This could be the new exciting adventure you have always dreamed of.

This could be the new exciting adventure you have always dreamed of

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